• Slitting Line Advanced Features in common
  • Slitting Line Advanced Features in common
  • Slitting Line Advanced Features in common
  • Slitting Line Advanced Features in common
  • Slitting Line Advanced Features in common
  • Slitting Line Advanced Features in common
  • Slitting Line Advanced Features in common
  • Slitting Line Advanced Features in common

Slitting Line Advanced Features in common

* Servo motors for main machines synchronized control
* Siemens SIMATIC PLC automatic control
* CCTV monitoring operation status
* Air conditioned electrical cabinet
* Intuitive interface & graphic symbol on control panel
* Smart coil ending program
* Stable loop sensors control
* Slitter shafts of Dual Eccentric structure
* Tension pad with 3 sections variable pressure
* Recoiler with gapless mandrel
* Crop shear clearance quick adjustment
* Off-line scrap winder – Tension free
* On-line scrap winder speed & torque auto adjusted
* Pneumatic or hydraulic inflatable separator shaft
* Separator shaft Auto rising, Non-touchable, No surface damage.

Almost all of our slitting machine lines are custom made. However, they are some Advanced Features in common for electrical control and mechanism designs.

---Electrical control---

* Servo motors are used in all main machines for torque synchronized speed control


1.   Servo motors/driver/motion controller are integrated for torque and synchronized speed control.

2.   All main machines including uncoiler, leveler, slitter, scrap winders, tension roll, and recoiler are servo motors controlled.

3.   20% electricity power saving, comparing to traditional mechanism brake, servo motors can convert braking energy to electricity and feedback.

4.   No matter machines are operating in speed differential, material is still running synchronized.

5.   Automatically torque adjusted for proper tension.

6.   One main switch runs full line easily, no need to adjust individual machine separately one by one from time to time during operation.

* Siemens PLC with internet communication module

1.   Intelligent operation modes are programmed by Siemens PLC.

2.   Different safety requirement for operation modes (auto / manual / maintenance) is designed with different limit and lock on functions.

3.   Communication module is available for supplier after service remote internet support.

* SIMATIC MHI intuitive interface and graphic symbols for easy operation

1.   Through SIMATIC MHI screen, operator can follow the program guidance to control the machines easily.

2.   Intuitive interface  and graphic symbols shortens  learning curve for operators.

3.   Operator can access data which is verified by pass experience through MHI.

4.   Less operational skill required for new crew.

* CCTV cameras to monitor all operation status


1.   Equipped with 4/6/8 cameras + 8 channel HD DVR.

2.   Through the monitor, operator can have an overview on material status from uncoiler end to recoiler end.

3.   Operator can response immediately if any material failure happened.

* Air Conditioned Electrical Cabinet & Control Panel

1.   Slim type air conditioner installed outside the enclosure of electrical cabinets & control panels.

2.   To dehumidify and recirculate clean air to keep electrical components & parts free from dust.

3.   To provide environment without static electricity for a stable performance of machine control.

* Smart coil ending program

1.   When coil is running out, program starts running.

2.   Loop bridges start rising to receive the coil end to prevent from damage.

3.   Machine automatically lower down speed, then stop.

* Stable loop sensors control

1.   Strip depth in loop is controlled by sensor signal feedback to PLC

2.   Servo motor controller to keep  constantly feeding material stable in proper depth range.

3.   Less depth of No. 1 loop pit required due to stabilized material running in loop, 2 Meter depth is enough.   

4.   Less material swinging in loop, less vibration impact to round knives in continuous slitting, better strips quality on edge.

---Mechanical designs---

* Slitter shafts of Dual Eccentric structure

1.   Dual Eccentric shaft structure, our advanced new structure for slitter, bears twice less power transmission force on gear when slitting.

2.   Much less gear worn-out than gear rod structure.

3.   Much longer life time for the gear transmission.

4.   Stable shaft provides better knife clearance precision which brings better quality for slitting strips edges.

* Tension pad with 3 sections variable pressure 

1.   Coil thickness variation from center to edge may cause some strips loose tension for recoiling, if tension is the same over one tension pad.

2.   Our Tension pad in 3 sections with independent adjustable pressures can provide better tension on those strips of different thickness in one coil.

* Recoiler with gapless mandrel


1.   Gapless vice can firmly grip strips after mandrel being expanded.

2.   Expanded mandrel with roundness of no hump makes no damage on inner layer of recoiled strips.

* Crop shear clearance quick adjustment

1.   Innovated knife bed structure is fastened by springs instead of screws. No screws need be loosened when doing Knives clearance adjustment.

2.   Accurate clearance can be done within 5 minutes.

* Off-line scrap winder – Tension free


1.   Off-line scrap winder won’t interrupt machine line operation because of scrap strip breakage caused by coil width variation.

2.   To wind up for disposal can be done any time at operator’s free time. No machine downtime.

* On-line scrap winder speed & torque auto adjusted

1.   Servo-motor-controlled scrap winder can auto adjust torque and speed for different coil thickness and width.

2.   Installed on machine, no land space occupied

* Separator shaft expansion by pneumatic or hydraulic inflatable core

1.   Pneumatic inflatable core is for thin gauge materials

2.   Hydraulic inflatable core is for thick gauge materials

3.   To fix separators positions by shaft core expansion, no spacers are needed.

4.   Core expansion completes in seconds, less machine down time

* Separator sensored shaft Auto rising, Non-touchable to recoiling material surface, No surface damage.

1.   With sensor control, the separator shaft automatically rises following the outer diameter increase of recoiling strips.

2.   The separator shaft itself doesn’t touch the recoiling strips surface. No surface friction to shaft, no surface damage.

3.   Only the separator discs touch to separately guide strips for straight edge.