SCADA - Interface for Industry 4.0

***Pre-load in data***

Client can load in order data through local LAN or internet to machine database. 

***Transfer data to PLC***

Operator can access those orders and transfer to machine PLC and start operation. 

***Save production data and parameters***

All the production data and parameters can be recorded and saved in machine database.

***Transmit production data and parameters to management server***

All the machine recorded data will be transmit through local LAN or internet to management server for analysis and improvement.

***The advantage***

1. To prevent operator from key-in mistake and cause company a great amount of loss.

2. To know the machine downtime and machine efficiency.

3. To be able to trace back all the activities in machine operation.

No Subject Date
1 2019 SCADA installed on Cut-to-length Line 2019-09-20