Tips for operation skill

In normal case of slitting knife clearance is 10% of the material thickness, e.g. if the material is 0.3mm in thickness, the knife clearance is 0.3mmx10%=0.03mm.


In order to get proper clearance, you need to have special spacer 1.94mm.

Below are some examples for your combination reference.


  1. To get slit width 23mm: (needs special spacer 1.94mm)
  2. To get slitting width 23.1mm:
    10(knife)*2+0.03(clearance)*2+1.94+1.1 (spacer)=23.1mm
  3. To get slitting width 24mm:
    10(knife)*2+0.03(clearance)*2+1.94+2 (spacer)=24mm