Automatic levelling machine(Heavy-duty type)

Whatever your operating requirement, Yung Hua has a precision shear line designed to suit your specific needs. Our Automatic levelling machine Heavy-duty series is designed specially for the thicker plate from 1.6mm to 9.0mm sheet fabricating thickness as well as 1520mm width. Coil weight capacity includes 12.5, 15, 20 Tons, cutting length accuracy±0.5mm.

Automatic levelling machine(Heavy-duty type)

NC will control the Process of feed, cut-to-length, levelling, slitting, trimming selvedge, counting, cutting, stock and conveyance. Easy in operating.

Uncoiler and Coil car

Uncoiler and Coil car

The Uncoiler is capable of handing up to 20 tons coil and is equipped with a hydraulic mandrel expansion for standard and non-standard coil.

  1. Uncoiler is mounted on coil car.
  2. Adjustable by hydraulic mandrel expansion for Single mandrel type/Double stub type.
  3. A powered hold-down roll can also be provided.

Uncoiler and Coil car

Coil storage and handing

  • Coil storage handing at the front of a shear line is importance. Various systems are available.
  • Coil storage and handing

    Levellers and flatteners

  • ˇ§Four-hiˇ¨ levellers of various widths and roll diameters are offered to suit specific thickness-range requiremints.
  • High-speed shear

    High-speed shear

    Run out equipment:

    Two basic types of stacker are offered Rotation type and Guide type upon the type of material to be processed.

    Run out equipment

    Stacker Run out equipment ˇ@


    Yung Hua's Air-Blowing System uses a cushion of air to support the sheets as they drop, the Rotary type supports each sheet on the rollers of a rotating segment, until the segment is indexed to allow the sheet to drop.

    Sheets are supported on a table within the stacker frame, which auto-magically lowers as the stack height increases. The stacker frame and end-stop are power adjustable to suit different sheet sizes.


    The stripper proved at the entry to the No. 1 leveler eliminates the need for manual strip feeding into the line. The stripper can be adjusted to suit varying coil diameters by means of hydraulic cylinders.

    Side guide

    When strip across the bridge and feed into No. 2 leveler, Side guide protect the strip straight does not have to be moved from the line during strip feed-up.

    Control Panel Control Panel

    Control Panel

    All the operations of feed, level, from to length, cut to length, stock, and conveyance are centered on the switches of a control box. Easy in operating. It needs no technicians. PLC employed in the control circuits eliminate moving parts to be in longer operating keep and good reliability. For the matching of the computer connect in series, we also have served the working station of the color projection screen.



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