Integrated system
The Integrated System line is a powerful labor and cost saving machine.
It does every fabricating step in one line, including punching and notching in single or multiple shapes, patterns, and positions.


Integrated system


Design concept: (Main controller + CRT pic.)

Integrated edge trimmer, notching, punching and shearing etc.

Multi-fabricating steps in a processing line.

Integrated system processing line's design

  • Reducing investment capital
  • Saving space
  • Cutting down the production cost
  • Reducing labor
  • Improvement of quality
  • Easy and safe operations
Design concept  


Main features:
  • Pre-fabricating with Synchronized 4 notching for bending or pressing fabrication
  • Capable of multi shape notching
  • Capable of punching at the middle or side
  • Specification and quantity of fabricating are programmable
  • CRT monitoring is available by request

Design specialties:

  • Station Modula design, easy to track moving in/out on working demand
  • Reasonable design for easy operation and maintenance.
  • Whole process is monitored by CRT
Main features



Removable integrated system station

Buy smart, work smart

A smart machine is made for a smart person like you.

Powerful CNC integrated system Cut-to-length Lines is the best idea to save you labor cost and increase high production with precise accuracy. This system allows notching of the blanks at the four corners before they are automatically pressed into their proper shape by the hydraulic 4-column press at the next press machine. A color projector screen is available with these lines. The screen monitor shows all activities of the integrated system, and also schedules your production formula from the program of the screen. The whole computer programming system is developed and designed by the Yung Hua Co., Computer Department, allowing our customers to obtain all of the service and technical support directly from us. The assures our customers the best and most convenient service.

Powerful Operator Panel

The PWS-2000 Workstation is a powerful operator panel for PLC. It can access almost any kinds of locations within PLC through a serial port. In addition to conventional display and data entry functions, the Workstation supports data monitoring, even logging, recipe handling, password checking, and some others.

Easy to configure the Workstation

No computer programming is needed for setting up the Workstation to work. Just use the ADP2, which is a PC-based program, to define alarms, design screens, and compile and download your application to the Workstation. The program provides you tools to design character patterns, graphics, and messages so that you can use them to make your screens more readable.

Saving Cost and Increasing Productivity

Use a single PWS-2000 Workstation to replace many separate devices such as thumbholes, pushbuttons, keypads, indicator lights, displays, and even PLC ASCII modules. Save the cost of purchasing, installing, connecting, and programming those devices along with the PLC I/O modules that interface them. Even more important, you can provide displays and controls to your operators and service technicians to speed their understanding of the system, streamline diagnostics, and provide control flexibility